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Linnworks Customization for Peak Performance

Custom Application Macro

Unleash the Potential of Custom Development

In the realm of Linnworks, a “Custom Application” signifies a bespoke software solution, expanding the platform’s capabilities through custom development. Our integrated scripting language allows you to create powerful macros, automating tasks, and introducing features beyond the standard Linnworks offering.


Streamline repetitive tasks like order processing and inventory management.

Customized Workflows

Tailor Linnworks to align with your specific business processes.


Connect seamlessly with third-party services and tools for enhanced functionality.


Adapt and grow with the flexibility of Custom Application Macros.

Custom Automation

Efficiency Redefined: Custom Automation in Linnworks

Custom automation in Linnworks allows you to define rules and conditions to automate various tasks, from order processing to inventory management. Tailor your workflows to meet the specific needs of your e-commerce business and achieve new levels of efficiency.

Order Processing:

Automate routing, shipping, and notifications based on predefined criteria.

Inventory Management:

Maintain accurate stock levels and optimize inventory across sales channels.

Price and Listing Updates:

Dynamically adjust prices and listings based on market

Data Synchronization:

Ensure consistency across e-commerce platforms with automated data sync.

Custom Rules

Precision in Every Operation: Custom Rules in Linnworks

Custom rules in Linnworks empower you to create tailored automation workflows for various e-commerce operations. From inventory management to order processing, customize rules to save time, reduce manual tasks, and boost overall efficiency.

Inventory Management:

Automate stock adjustments, reprice products, and allocate inventory.

Order Processing:

Streamline order routing, prioritize orders, and automate order splitting.

Pricing and Listing:

Dynamically adjust product prices and create rules for listing on different channels.

Custom Script

Code Your Success: Custom Script in Linnworks

Custom scripts in Linnworks, written in Linnworks Scripting Language (LSL), empower you to automate tasks and processes. From order assignment to label generation, custom scripts provide unparalleled flexibility.

Enhanced Workflow:

Streamline decision-making processes for enhanced efficiency.


Automate tasks such as order processing, inventory management, and data conversion.


Define rules and conditions according to your unique business requirements.

Event Triggers:

Activate scripts based on specific events within Linnworks.

Feature - Reports & Analytics

Insights at Your Fingertips: Reports & Analytics in Linnworks

Leverage the full potential of Linnworks with customizable reports and analytics. From sales trends to financial analysis, gain valuable insights into your e-commerce operations.

Custom Report Builder:

Create reports tailored to your specific needs.

Data Exporting:

Export reports in various formats for easy sharing and analysis.

Scheduling Reports:

Automate report generation for timely insights.

Data Visualization:

Present data in charts, graphs, and pivot tables for better interpretation.

Insights Dashboard

Visualize Success: Insights Dashboard in Linnworks

The Insights Dashboard provides a visual representation of key performance indicators (KPIs) and essential data related to your e-commerce operations. Monitor sales performance, inventory levels, order metrics, and more at a glance.

Sales Performance:

Track revenue, growth, and sales trends over time.

Inventory Management:

Optimize stock levels and avoid overstock or out-of-stock scenarios.

Order Metrics:

 Monitor order volumes, status, and processing times.

Custom Dashboard:

Create personalized dashboards tailored to your business needs.


Code for Success: Script/Query in Linnworks

Scripts and queries in Linnworks provide a powerful way to customize and optimize your e-commerce operations. Whether you’re writing scripts in C# or using SQL queries, you have the tools to automate tasks and manipulate data.


Create custom rules and automate processes based on specific conditions.


Adapt Linnworks to unique business requirements with custom scripts.


Connect with third-party services using scripts for seamless data exchange.

Bulk Operations:

Perform bulk updates or changes to products, orders, or other data.

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